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Jarritos Tuttifruitazo

While this might not be a true frozen drink, you’ll still want to recreate this fizzy soda classic with a bottle of Jarritos Fruit Punch. All you’ll need is fresh mango and watermelon.

  • Chamoy
  • Chili Powder
  • Cut Mango
  • Cut Watermelon
  • White Tequila
  • Lime Orange
  • Jarritos Fruit Punch
  • Coat a large glass with Chamoy and rim with chili powder
  • Add diced mango and diced watermelon
  • Ppour 3 oz of tequila, fresh lime juice and orange juice to your taste, and Jarritos
  • fruit punch
  • Garnish with more fresh fruit
  • Top with chamoy and sprinkle chili powder

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