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How It Works


Pick Up Packages




Just present your FedEx tracking number and government-issued photo ID at the register. You will then be given your packages.

Drop Off Packages




Be sure to seal and label your packages before you hand them off. For more information on redirecting a package or preparing a package for drop off, see our FAQ section at the bottom of the page, visit or call customer service at 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339).


The Perks


Pick Up Packages


Save a trip by picking up and dropping off your packages while you're already out and shopping. And do it all on your own schedule.

Pick Up Packages


Your packages will be held for pick up for up to 7 days, so no worries if you can't collect your packages immediately.

Pick Up Packages


With on-the-go pick up and drop off in select Dollar General locations, you now have more quick and convenient access to FedEx.

Pick Up Packages


Nothing beats the peace of mind of knowing that your packages are safe and secure when they're delivered at a Dollar General location near you.

Packing center available in the stationery aisle at Dollar General for all of your shipping needs.



How Else Can We Help?




Are you planning on redirecting a package? Do you still need to figure out how to prepare a package for drop off? We've got you covered with answers to those questions and more. Be sure to check out our FAQ section at the bottom of the page, or call the customer service line at 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339).

Also, keep in mind that certain packages may not be eligible for this program due to size, weight, or package contents. Please see our package guidelines to determine what you can bring or have redirected to Dollar General locations for delivery.




How can I make sure my package will be accepted?

Acceptable packages are securely sealed and properly labeled with a FedEx Express or FedEx Ground shipping label.

Also, ensure your package:

  • Weighs less than 55 pounds
  • Is smaller than 48" x 25" x 25"
  • Does not contain dry ice
  • Does not contain dangerous goods or hazardous materials
  • Is not packed using damaged or improper packaging
  • Does not contain live animals

Go here for additional information.

How do I pickup my FedEx packages from Dollar General?

Once you've redirected your FedEx package using your tracking number or using FedEx Delivery Manager, bring your tracking number and government-issued ID to the register.

How do I drop off my FedEx packages from Dollar General?

Pre-sealed and pre-labeled packages can be presented to a team member at the register.

How long will Dollar General hold my package?

Up to 7 days.

Does Dollar General provide packing and shipping supplies?

No, packages must be sealed and ready to ship when they are dropped off.

Is there a restriction on the type/size of the package?

Yes, please see our packaging guidelines to determine what you can bring to participating Dollar General locations for delivery.

Can I redirect my package?

Please see our redirect guidelines for eligibility.
For any further questions, please visit or call the customer service line at 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339).