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Personal Care for Every Need

At Dollar General, we're dedicated to enriching your daily routines with our curated selection of personal care essentials. Understanding the foundational role of hygiene and self-care in your well-being, we've meticulously gathered a variety of personal care products. From the invigorating lather of our soap & body wash to the confidence boost provided by our deodorants & antiperspirants, each item is chosen to enhance your day with freshness and care. 

Oral care is more than a routine; it's a gateway to health, which is why our range supports that radiant smile. For those mornings that call for a close, comfortable shave, our shaving supplies promise a smooth start to your day. We approach sensitive needs such as adult incontinence with products designed for discretion and comfort, ensuring peace of mind. Feminine care is handled with the utmost respect for personal comfort and hygiene, while our bath additives & accessories invite you to transform any bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation. Embracing sexual wellness, we offer products that cater to your intimate health and well-being, all available with the privacy and respect you deserve.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Care


Elevate your hygiene routine with our wide selection of soap & body wash and oral care products, ensuring you start and end your day feeling refreshed and protected.


Our personal care range includes specially formulated deodorants & antiperspirants and soap & body wash options that are gentle on sensitive skin, providing care without irritation.


Yes, we offer a selection of adult incontinence products focused on comfort and discretion, helping maintain your lifestyle confidently.


Transform your bath time with our indulgent bath additives & accessories, designed to turn your daily routine into a luxurious escape.