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DIY Pressed Flower Lantern

Level of difficulty:  Beginner

Pressed Flower Lantern

Making this pressed flower lantern is so simple, and the results are so beautiful! The flowers add a pop of color while the tea light provides a soft glow. This craft is great for a spring wedding or other special occasion.

Pressed Flower Lantern

What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!


Step 1:

A)    Apply deco podge to the jar in the area where the first flower will be placed.


Step 2:

A)    Use tweezers to carefully press the flower into the wet deco podge.


Step 3:

A)    Apply a layer of deco podge over the flower to seal it to the jar.

Tip: Carefully apply deco podge between flower petals if they pop apart to help seal them to the jar.


Step 4:

A)    Continue applying deco podge and pressed flowers to the jar until you create the design you’d like. Let dry.


Step 5:

A)    Apply a final coat of deco podge over the whole jar. Make up and down strokes on the body of the jar and follow the rings around the neck of the jar. Let dry.


Step 6:

A)    Wrap jute around the neck of the jar and tie a bow.


Step 7:

A)    Insert a tea light.