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    Rustic Wood Chip Wreath

    Level of difficulty:  Intermediate

    Decorate your cozy cottage with this rustic wood chip wreath!

    What You'll Need:

    • Crafter's Closet Jute
    • Crafter's Closet Plain Burlap Ribbon
    • Crafter's Closet Red Detail Ribbon
    • Crafter's Closet Hot Glue Gun
    • Crafter's Closet Hot Glue Sticks
    • Crafter's Closet Acrylic Paint
    • Crafter's Closet Paint Mixing Palette
    • Crafter's Closet Premium Paint Brushes
    • Sandpaper
    • Decorative Wood Chip Filler
    • Metal Charger Plate

    Let's Do This!


    Step 1:

    1. Wrap jute around the inner most circle of the plate and adhere it with hot glue. Go around the circle twice.


    Step 2:

    1. Mix together two shades of green: one lighter, one darker. Lightly paint the wood filler chips alternating between light green and dark green. Leave some wood chips unpainted. Once dry, lightly sand each painted wood chip to expose some of the natural wood underneath.


    Step 3:

    1. Start creating your wreath by randomly alternating and hot gluing the wood chips in one layer around the plate.


    Step 4:

    1. Glue a second layer of wood chips on top of the first layer, leaving the pieces slightly more spaced out.


    Step 5:

    1. Mix a small amount of water with red acrylic paint and apply a wash to the burlap ribbon.


    Step 6:

    1. Follow the steps (shown above) to create a bow from the red tinted burlap ribbon. Secure each piece with hot glue. Use detail ribbon to accent the "knot" of the bow and snip the end of the bow to make a traditional pointed edge.


    Step 7:

    1. Hot glue the bow to the front of the wreath and add a loop of jute to the back so that it can hang.

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