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Valentine Candy Huggers

Level of difficulty:  Beginner

Valentine Candy Huggers Hero Banner
Valentine Candy Huggers Hero Banner

Create an adorable Valentine's Day craft that combines the sweetness of candy hearts with the cuteness of animals. Crafted from colored cardstock, these lovable paper animals embrace heart-shaped treats, making for a delightful gift for your child to share with friends.

What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!


Step 1:

  1. Print out the templates.
  2. Cut out the main outline shapes for each of the animals.


Step 2:

  1. Trace the templates onto cardstock to make the main animal shapes. Use different colors of cardstock to give each animal its own personality!
  2. Cut out the animals.


Step 3:

  1. Have fun decorating the animals with cardstock and markers. Suggestions are provided, or you can get creative and make your own designs!


Step 4:

  1. Place an adhesive dot on the chest of an animal.
  2. Press a candy heart onto the adhesive dot.
  3. Place adhesive dots on the hands of the animal. Press the hands onto the candy heart so that the arms are hugging the candy.
  4. Repeat for each animal.

Download Template

Valentine Candy Huggers Template

180 KB
Valentine Candy Huggers Template