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Spring Wreath Sign

Level of difficulty:  Beginner

Spring Wreath Sign

This DIY sign will add a touch of spring flair to your home decor! Personalize the wreath with your favorite flower colors.

Spring Wreath Sign Materials

What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!


Step 1:

A)    Print out the template.

B)    Cut closer to the word “home” to remove the excess paper.

C)   On the back of the paper, rub graphite from a pencil where the word “home” is. This will help create a transfer.


Step 2:

A)    Center the template on the bottom of the wood framed sign and tape it in place.

B)    Use a pencil to trace around the edges of the word “home,” which will transfer the graphite to the wood underneath.

C)   Remove the template.

D)   The transfer is complete.


Step 3:

A)    Use a marker to trace the word “home.”


Step 4:

A)    Unwind the coiled wire to create a small circle, which will serve as the wreath frame. Loop it around two to three times and twist the ends together to secure it.


Step 5:

A)    Bend a branch of artificial greenery to the shape of the wreath.

B)    Hot glue the greenery to the wreath frame to secure it in place.

C)   Add in assorted artificial flowers and hot glue them in place.

D)   Continue gluing flowers to the wreath until you are happy with the arrangement.


Step 6:

A)    Cut a 12” length of burlap ribbon.

B)    Loop it through the wreath.

C)   Make sure the ends are even above the wreath.


Step 7:

A)    Place the wreath against the top of the wood framed sign and fold the burlap ribbon over the back of the frame.

B)    Hot glue the burlap ribbon to the back of the frame to secure it in place.

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