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Grill N’ Chill DIY Chalkboard Menu

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

This Labor Day, create this burger-ific chalkboard to help keep a tally of all your cookout needs!

DIY Chalkboard Menu Board

What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!


Step 1:

  1. Mix together yellow, red, black, and white paint to get a toasted brown color. Paint the entire wood frame, making sure to be careful around the chalkboard edge.


Step 2:

  1. Using green paint, paint the first layer of lettuce about an inch from the top of the chalkboard, leaving a scallop edge. Lighten the green with a little bit of white and add a second layer of lettuce. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Take the red paint and add a thinner layer for the tomato. Add some white to the red and paint a second, lighter layer underneath. Repeat on the other side
  3. Using the white paint, next paint an equal sized layer underneath the lighter red, acting as the onion. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Mix together a darker brown (red, yellow, black) and paint a large section, stopping about a half inch from the bottom of the chalkboard. Repeat on the other side.


Step 3:

  1. Using the lighter brown mixed together in the first step, add some white to make it a bit lighter. With a small brush, add randomly spaced ‘sesame seeds’ along the top of the bun. Add yellow puffy paint to the top of the dark brown areas, leaving a drippy edge.


Step 4:

  1. With light green paint, paint two wooden circles. Let dry.
  2. Follow the edge of both circles with darker green.
  3. Add a bit more white to the light green and add 5 seed shapes to the center of each circle.


Step 5:

  1. Paint the letters M,E,N,U solid red. Let dry.
  2. Hot glue the letters to the bottom of the wooden frame, in a slight arc.
  3. Hot glue the two ‘pickles’ to either side of the word ‘MENU.’


Step 6:

  1. Take the jute and hot glue around the entire edge of the frame. Leave extra jute at the top to allow for easy hanging. Continue to hot glue until it is completely trimmed in jute.


Step 7:

  1. Use the chalk marker to keep a tally of how many items need to be grilled and ready for your picnic-going guests!