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DIY Mother's Day Flower Letters

Level of difficulty:  Beginner

Hobnail Glass Jar

Celebrate Mom with this beautiful floral centerpiece! These flower letters are a great Mother’s Day decoration idea — they're easy to create and bursting with spring blooms. Plus, the artificial flowers will always stay picture-perfect!

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What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!


Step 1:

A)    Print out the letter templates.



Step 2:

A)    Tape a letter template to a piece of cardboard.

B)    Cut out the letter with a craft knife.

C)    Remove the letter from the cardboard.

D)    Repeat for all the letters.


Step 3:

A)    Cut several one-inch strips from the poster board.

B)    Place a strip along a letter and use a pencil to mark where the corners are.

C)    Pre-bend the strips at the pencil marks to fit the letter.

D)    Once the strips are bent to fit, hot glue them in place around the letter.


Step 4:

A)    Repeat Step 3 for the rest of the letters.


Step 5:

A)    Fill a letter with artificial flowers. Hot glue the flowers in place.

B)    Tuck in moss to hide any exposed cardboard.


Step 6:

A)    Repeat Step 5 for the rest of the letters.

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