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Mixed Berry Smoothie

  better for you
 Mixed Berry Smoothie
2 Servings
Prep: 2 min.
Total: 3 min.
  1. In a blender, combine all ingredients.
  2. Cover and blend for 1 minute or until smooth, scraping down the sides if needed. Serve immediately.

Better-For-You Tip: With the selection of frozen fruit that Dollar General carries, it’s easy to change things up by swapping out the frozen mixed berries with frozen strawberries or blueberries. If you want a more protein-packed smoothie, add an additional 1/4-cup of Greek yogurt.

Nutrition based on 1/2 the recipe:

Calories 109, Calories from Fat 0.9, Total Fat .1g, Saturated Fat 0.1g, Trans Fat 0.0g, Cholesterol 2.4mg, Sodium 22mg, Total Carbohydrate 23g, Dietary Fiber 2.5g, Sugars 18g, Protein 4.2g 

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