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Party Accessories


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Party Accessories at Dollar General

Light up your celebrations with the vibrant selection of Party Accessories at Dollar General. From the joyous flicker of birthday candles to the dazzling glow of party sparklers, we offer a wide array of fun and festive items to add that extra sparkle to any event. Whether you're planning a birthday party, an anniversary, or just a special gathering, our party accessories are designed to elevate your festivities and create unforgettable moments.

Browse through our collection to find everything you need to enhance your party atmosphere. Choose from a variety of birthday candles in different styles and colors to top off the perfect birthday cake. Add a touch of magic to your evening events with our sparklers, perfect for guests of all ages to enjoy a sparkling display.

Frequently Asked Questions about Party Accessories


Dollar General offers a comprehensive selection of party accessories, including birthday candles, party hats, banners, and party sparklers to enhance any celebration.


Yes, we offer a variety of birthday candles ranging from traditional designs to novelty candles that are perfect for all ages and cake styles.


Yes, our sparklers are designed for party use and are safe when used according to the instructions provided. They are a great way to add a sparkling effect to your celebrations.


Absolutely! We carry party accessories suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring you can decorate your event space exactly how you envision it, regardless of location.