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Insect & Pest Control


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Insect & Pest Control at Dollar General

Keep your outdoor spaces bug-free with the comprehensive Insect & Pest Control products available at Dollar General. Our selection includes effective "bug spray" and "bug repellant" to protect you and your family from pesky insects. For targeted pest control, we offer "ant and roach killer" and "roach motel" solutions to eliminate unwanted visitors from your home and garden. Additionally, create a pleasant outdoor ambiance with "citronella" candles and torches that repel insects while adding a decorative touch.

With affordable prices and convenient locations, Dollar General makes it easy to find all your pest control needs in one place. Visit us to explore our range and keep your outdoor areas comfortable and pest-free.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insect & Pest Control


Dollar General offers a variety of bug spray options, including repellents for mosquitoes, flies, and other common pests to keep your outdoor spaces comfortable.


Yes, we carry a selection of citronella candles and torches that help repel insects while adding a decorative touch to your outdoor areas.


Absolutely! We offer ant and roach killer sprays and roach motels to effectively eliminate these pests from your home and garden.


You can find a wide selection of bug repellant products at your nearest Dollar General store. Use our store locator on the website to find the closest location, or shop online for added convenience.