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Glue & Tape at Dollar General

Secure your projects with strength and precision using the high-quality Glue & Tape selection available at Dollar General. Our assortment includes a wide variety of adhesives and tape, ensuring you have the right product for any task, whether it’s a school project, office work, or home improvement. Featuring trusted brands like Elmer's glue and Scotch tape, our products deliver reliable performance for sticking, mounting, and sealing.

From classic Elmer's glue for crafting to super glue for durable bonds, and a range of tapes including clear tape, poster tape, and Scotch tape, we have everything you need to keep your materials in place. Our products are designed for ease of use and strong adherence, making them perfect for both professional and personal applications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glue & Tape


Dollar General carries a broad selection, including Elmer's glue, super glue, Scotch tape, clear tape, and poster tape, suitable for a variety of applications.


Yes, we offer super glue that provides a strong, quick-setting bond for repairing broken items or for tasks requiring a durable hold.


Absolutely! We have poster tape that is perfect for securely hanging posters and lightweight decorations without damaging walls.


Consider the materials you are adhering, the weight of the items, the permanence of the bond required, and the surface types. For example, use super glue for durable bonds and poster tape for temporary placements.