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Candy & Gum at Dollar General

Indulge your sweet tooth with Dollar General's extensive selection of Candy & Gum. From classic candy bars and chocolate bars to unique sour candy and fruity delights, our assortment caters to every preference and occasion. Whether you're stocking up for a party, satisfying a mid-afternoon sugar craving, or looking for the perfect treat to accompany movie night, you'll find an array of options to delight every palate.

Explore our variety of dollar general candy, including everything from nostalgic favorites to new, exciting flavors. Our shelves are filled with a diverse selection of chewing gum, offering fresh breath and long-lasting flavor in convenient packaging. For chocolate lovers, our chocolate bars range from rich, dark varieties to creamy milk chocolate. Those who favor a tangy twist will enjoy our sour candy options, while our fruit candy offers a sweet burst of fruity flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Candy & Gum


Dollar General stocks a wide range of candies, including candy bars, chocolate bars, sour candy, and fruit candy, suitable for all ages and tastes.


Yes, we offer a variety of chewing gum options in multiple flavors and pack sizes, perfect for freshening breath on the go.


Absolutely! Our candy selection includes both sour candy for those who enjoy a tangy kick and sweet fruit candy for a more traditional sugary treat.


Yes, we continually update our candy selection with new and unique flavors alongside classic favorites to ensure there's always something exciting to try.