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Batteries at Dollar General

Power up your devices with the reliable and long-lasting selection of batteries at Dollar General. From essential AA and AAA batteries to specialized 3V batteries and robust D batteries, our extensive range ensures that you have the right power source for everything from remote controls and toys to important household appliances and electronics. Additionally, we offer versatile battery chargers to keep rechargeable batteries at full capacity, enhancing convenience and reducing waste.

At Dollar General, you'll find batteries from trusted brands at prices that fit your budget, making us your go-to destination for all your battery needs. Whether you're replacing a drained battery or stocking up, our selection is designed to provide you with dependable and affordable options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Batteries


Dollar General carries a wide range of batteries, including AA, AAA, 3V, and D batteries, as well as battery chargers for rechargeable battery needs.


Yes, we offer battery chargers that are compatible with various types of rechargeable batteries, providing a convenient and eco-friendly charging solution.


Consider the device's battery requirements, the expected battery life, and whether rechargeable batteries might be a more suitable and economical option for your needs.


Yes, we provide specialty batteries such as 3V batteries, which are often used in watches, calculators, and medical devices, ensuring you can find the right battery for any specific requirement.