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Nature's Menu 🐾


Real chicken, beef & salmon are the 1st ingredients in all dry and wet foods!

We know you care about your pet’s health, and choosing the right diet is a crucial first step. Nature’s Menu pet food is made with no corn, soy, wheat or fillers, as well as no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives! You can have confidence that your dog and cat are getting the nutrients they need with a taste they will love.


Affordable, Premium, Natural Dog & Cat Food.
Made with Real Meat In the USA.


Most Pup-ular & Purr-Fectly Products




Switching to New Pet Food?

Go Easy on Your Pet’s Stomach.

Puppy Food Specifics:

DHA Helps support brain & vision development in puppies. Enhanced with pre & probiotics to help support healthy digestion.
Flavors: Chicken & Rice

Dog Food Specifics:
Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids help support healthy skin & enhance coat with Pre & Probiotics to help support healthy digestion.
Flavors: Lamb & Rice, Chicken & Rice, Beef & Rice

Cat Food Specifics:
Enhanced with Pre & Probiotics to help support healthy digestion. Taurine helps promote good vision & heart health.
Flavors: Chicken & Rice

Wet Food Specifics: Grain Free
Flavors: Beef & Vegetable, Chicken, Chicken & Vegetable, Salmon, Turkey & Vegetables


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Nature's Menu at Dollar General 

Provide your pets with the nutrition they deserve with Nature's Menu at Dollar General. Our Nature's Menu collection offers a variety of natural pet foods designed to support the health and well-being of your furry friends. From natures menu dog food and cat food to puppy food, our products are crafted with high-quality ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition. Shop Dollar General for Nature's Menu products and discover the benefits of natural dog food and cat food. 

With Nature's Menu, you can find all the essential pet foods to keep your pets healthy and happy. Our products are formulated to provide balanced nutrition, ensuring your pets receive the vital nutrients they need for a vibrant and active life. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Nature's Menu


Dollar General offers a variety of Nature's Menu products, including dog food, cat food, and puppy food, to support your pets' nutritional needs.


Yes, natural dog food from Nature's Menu is available at Dollar General, providing high-quality and nutritious options for your dogs.


Dollar General offers natural cat food from Nature's Menu, ensuring your cats receive balanced and nutritious meals.


Nature's Menu products are crafted with high-quality, natural ingredients to provide optimal nutrition for pets, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients they need for a healthy and active life.