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Garbage Bags at Dollar General 

Keep your home and office clean and odor-free with our durable selection of garbage bags and containers at Dollar General. Whether you need robust trash bags for heavy waste, tall kitchen trash bags for daily chores, or a reliable trash can for your workspace, our comprehensive range meets all your waste disposal needs. Our products are designed to handle anything from everyday litter to heavy cleanup jobs effortlessly. 

We offer a variety of garbage bags tailored to different requirements, from high-strength bags for yard work or construction cleanup to odor-control bags for kitchen use. Our selection of trash cans and garbage cans includes a range of sizes and styles, ensuring you find the perfect match for any room or purpose, combining functionality with aesthetics to keep your environment tidy and streamlined. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Garbage Bags


We offer a wide range of trash bags, including drawstring bags, high-strength contractor bags, and tall kitchen trash bags suitable for both residential and commercial use.


Yes, our garbage bags come in various sizes to accommodate different needs, from small bathroom wastebasket bags to large outdoor garbage bags.


When selecting a trash can, consider the size, material (plastic or metal), and whether you need features like a lid or wheels for mobility, depending on your space and usage requirements.


Yes, we provide tall kitchen trash bags designed for everyday kitchen use, featuring leak protection and odor control to keep your kitchen fresh and clean.