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Cleaning Tools


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Cleaning Tools at Dollar General

Ensure your cleaning is efficient and thorough with Dollar General's selection of high-quality cleaning tools. From sturdy cleaning brushes to absorbent cleaning sponges, our products are designed to tackle any cleaning challenge, big or small. Whether you're scrubbing bathrooms, kitchens, or living areas, find the right tools to make every space in your home sparkle.

Our array of cleaning brushes includes options for every type of job, from tough grout brushes to gentle upholstery brushes. These tools are crafted to deliver superior cleanliness and reach into every nook and cranny, ensuring no spot is left untouched. Alongside brushes, our cleaning sponges offer versatility and durability for daily tasks, perfect for wiping down surfaces, absorbing spills, and dealing with dishwashing duties.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning Tools


We offer a wide range of cleaning tools, including cleaning brushes, cleaning sponges, mops, brooms, and dusters, suitable for various cleaning tasks throughout the home.


When selecting a cleaning brush, consider the bristle strength—soft for delicate surfaces and stiff for tough grime—as well as the size and shape depending on the specific cleaning task.


To maintain cleaning sponges, rinse them thoroughly after each use, allow them to dry completely, and sanitize them regularly to prevent bacterial growth.


Most cleaning sponges are versatile and safe for general use on various surfaces, but it's best to use non-abrasive sponges on delicate surfaces to avoid scratches.