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Air Fresheners at Dollar General 

Freshen up your living spaces with the delightful selection of air fresheners at Dollar General. Our range of air fresheners for home includes everything from convenient plug-in air fresheners to sprays and gels, all designed to create a welcoming atmosphere by eliminating odors and introducing pleasant scents. Whether you're looking to neutralize pet smells, cooking odors, or just want to add a refreshing fragrance to your rooms, Dollar General has an air freshener to suit every need. 

Explore our variety of scents and formats to find the perfect match for each room in your home. Our plug-in air fresheners offer a continuous scent solution, ideal for maintaining a consistently fresh environment without hassle. They are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways where you want to make a lasting impression. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Fresheners


We offer a wide selection of air fresheners, including plug-in air fresheners, aerosol sprays, gel beads, and more, suitable for various preferences and needs.


Plug-in air fresheners work by heating a scented oil or gel, releasing fragrance into the air to mask or eliminate odors continuously.


Yes, our air fresheners for home are available in several formats and scents, making it easy to find options for every room in your house.


Absolutely! We offer a variety of scents, from fresh linens and floral notes to fruity and exotic fragrances, ensuring you can find the perfect aroma to enhance your home environment.