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Curl Rhythm hero banner

Curl Rhythm

Superior Moisturization for Curls that Pop

Curl Rhythm is designed to serve a community of women connected by the texture of their hair. Curls, coils, and waves come in all shapes and sizes, and they all need moisture, strength, and definition to look healthy and beautiful. We use a luxurious combination of butters, oils, and clean ingredients that combine science and nature in an affordable way. Formulated with our Curl Rhythm moisturizing complex of Baobab Oil, Shea Butter, and Coconut. Shop Curl Rhythm exclusively at Dollar General.

The Science of Curls



By fully hydrating hair, and locking in that moisture, hair is softer, detangled and more manageable.


Healthy hair is strong and shiny, its less prone to breakage, fall out, or flyaways. Strong, fortified textured hair is beautifully protected.


The combination of butters, oils, and nutrients, more definition and beautiful curl pattern without the frizz.

"It moisturized and cleansed my hair leaving it smooth and not stripped."



Frequently Asked Questions


Curl Rhythm's patented, science-backed formula combines natural ingredients like baobab oil, shea butter and coconut that nourish and deeply moisturize hair while strengthening it to prevent breakage. Our products ease frizz and add shine to your curls, making it look beautifully healthy. It’s a high-quality, affordable solution for all wavy hair types, and it's now available at Dollar General!


Curl Rhythm is exclusive to Dollar General stores.


Curl Rhythm products are between $5 to $6.


Yes, all Curl Rhythm products are made from natural ingredients.


If you have questions, contact customer service at