Teachers' Classroom Ready Checklist

Here at DG, we know all the ways teachers go above and beyond for students. From always making sure you have extra pencils and paper to having a stash of cool stuff to reward great behavior, we’ve got the things you need to help make it the best year yet.


1. Clean up on cleaning supplies.

By having your own collection of cleaning essentials on hand, you’ll be able to keep those germs, dust bunnies and stains at bay all year long.


2. Get it all in order with organization essentials.

A well-arranged space can help you feel even more prepared and help your students stay focused. Sort, straighten and declutter your classroom in style with all the boxes, bins and folders you’ll need to keep your room in tip-top shape for learning.


3. Amp up the fun with classroom decor and crafts.

Start the year off right with handmade details your students will be delighted to see on Day 1. Then add in a few stylish touches of your own to make your room feel a little more like home.


4. Stock up on classroom supplies and extras.

Get a head start on grabbing everything you’ll need for a smooth year ahead. We’ve got all the basics, plus the stuff most people wouldn’t think you need to have (but you know you need because, well, you’re a teacher).


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