Get Your Home Ready for Back To School with this Checklist

Even if this school year starts with learning at home, you'll be ready with these handy tips.

Choose the Right Spots

Find places in your home where your child can work and take a break. The quietest spot in your home is where your child will be able to focus on learning. Organize school supplies on a large surface such as a table or a desk where your child can spread out and work. When it’s time for a break, make sure your child has a comfortable space to read or draw. Pillows are an easy way to make even the smallest space cozy and inviting

Stock up on Supplies

Organize your child's workspace and make sure they've got what they need for each day's assignments. DG is your back-to-school headquarters with great deals on school supplies, including:

  • #2 Pencils







To help keep supplies organized at home, get a storage cratebin or tote.

Create a Schedule

Creating a daily schedule helps the day go more smoothly. A consistent schedule that starts and stops at the same time each day lets your kids know what to expect and helps you plan your day, too. Make sure you schedule time each day for each class or subject. Creating a daily schedule will also help make sure your child gets the breaks and physical activity they need to stay happy and focused. Set a regular time for lunch and snacks. For younger children, be sure to make time for naps and recess. Once you’ve got a schedule that works for everyone, write it on a DG Office Dry Erase Board and hang it where the whole family can see it.

Routine Is Key

No matter where they happen, school days are busy days. Establishing a routine helps kids know what to expect which makes them more comfortable and confident. On school mornings, a routine that includes a good breakfast, getting dressed and brushing teeth will get the kids ready to have a productive school day. In the evening, make sure they have a regular bedtime and a before-bed routine. Older children can prepare the next day’s materials and assignments the night before. And children of any age can help prepare lunches and snacks for the next day.

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