Back to School Prep Checklist

Prepping for school is about more than just making sure the kids are ready to head back to class. It’s also a time for you to enjoy the last bits of summer freedom while resetting for an awesome year ahead. If you’re not sure where to start, use our guide for inspiration on ways to get the whole family back in the swing of things.
1. Check the school supply list. Then, check it again.

If anything is missing, don’t stress. Make a quick stop to your local DG to grab all the basics – and maybe a few extras they’ll be excited to show off to their friends.

2.  Set your family schedule and stick to it.
The bigger the family, the more calendars and planners you need. Pro tip: grab a pack of colorful markers or pens, then color code schedules based on each family member or activity type.
3.  Simplify your meal planning.

Stock up on lunch bags, reusable water bottles and food storage containers to make packing lunches and prepping for dinner super easy. 
Need some new ideas for what to fix next? Check out our Better For You recipes page. Each recipe is focused on simplicity, quality and helping you make better choices for your family.

4.  Prep the night before to have an easy morning. 

Reinstating regular bedtimes, prepping lunches early as a family, picking school outfits in advance and packing backpacks the night before will help ensure a smooth and stress-free transition from wake-up time to we’re-leaving-this-house-in-five-minutes time.

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