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Faux Steel Letters

Level of difficulty:  Intermediate

Use this easy, inexpensive technique to create realistic-looking galvanized steel letters! Spell your own word and personalize your home décor!

What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!


Step 1:

  1. Print the templates and then use them to cut out the letters from cardboard. You will need a 10" x 12" piece of cardboard for each letter.
  2. Cut 1" x 12" strips out of cardboard. You will need approximately 3 strips per letter.


Step 2:

  1. To make the 3D outline, lay a cardboard strip next to a letter. Use a pencil to mark a line where the outline of the letter changes direction. These will become the corners.
  2. Fold the cardboard strip at the mark. Lay the cardboard strip upright against the letter and, once again, mark where the outline of the letter changes direction.
  3. Continue this process of marking and folding the cardboard strip around the letter until the strip ends.
  4. Use masking tape to adhere the folded cardboard strip to the letter. Continue Steps 2A through 2D to complete the letter. Tip: Cut off the excess length from the strip and use it on another letter.


Step 3:

  1. Use the technique in Step 2 on the rest of the letters, making them all three-dimensional.


Step 4:

  1. Cut newspaper into 1" to 1 ½" wide strips.
  2. Brush deco podge onto the strips of newspaper and adhere them to a letter.
  3. Continue adding deco podged strips onto the letter to completely cover the front and sides. Let dry.
  4. For a more finished look, deco podge newspaper strips onto the back of the letter as well. Let dry.


Step 5:

  1. Use the technique in Step 4 on the rest of the letters. Let dry.


Step 6:

  1. Apply black chalkboard paint on all sides of a letter. Let dry.


Step 7:

  1. Continue using black chalkboard paint to cover all the letters. Let dry.


Step 8:

  1. Use a stiff 1” wide paint brush loaded with silver metallic paint to randomly dab paint onto a letter. Apply the paint in multiple directions.


Step 9:

  1. Use the technique in Step 8 on all the letters. Let dry.

Download Template

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