Secrets to Successful Sleepovers

Summer is the perfect time for a slumber party. Some guests, however, might have trouble adjusting to the overnight stay. Check out these helpful tips and games to make sure your slumber party is an absolute blast.

Know Your Guests

Keep an eye out for these party-goers. With these tips, every child will have a blast:

  • The Sick Kid
    If a child complains of feeling sick, ask what the symptoms are and take his or her temperature. If the child has a fever, call his parents to pick him up. Just in case of minor bumps, scrapes and sniffles, make sure your cabinet is stocked with first-aid supplies.
  • The Fighter
    If children start yelling at each other, verbally control the situation by telling everyone to settle down. Diverting their attention to another activity, like snacks and drinks, re-energizes the party and the fun.
  • The Crier
    If a child gets teary-eyed, be sympathetic and reassure him that his family will be there in the morning. Usually, a child will get over the initial homesickness after engaging in a fun activity.


Play fun games that bring out the kid in everyone.

  • Nickname Game
    Hand out blank stick-on nametags and have children come up with silly nicknames for each other. For the rest of the night, everyone must refer to each other (and themselves!) only by their new identity.
  • Night Knight
    Every kid dreams of being a dashing hero in shining armor. Make it a reality with this fun game. Divide everyone into two teams with each team getting a roll of aluminum foil. Using the foil, create hats, armor and pants for your hero, and have them compete in silly games.
  • Flash Pass
    This game requires a digital camera. Sit in a circle and set the camera’s automatic timer. Then, pass it around, holding it outward as if taking a photo of yourself. Whoever gets stuck with the camera when it flashes must dance or tell a joke.
  • Story Time
    Bedtime should never be a nightmare. To wind down, dim the lights and have the kids tell stories to each other (scary stories not allowed). Before you know it, your room full of kids will be catching their zzzz’s.

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