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    7 Tips to Get Out the Door in Record Time

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    1. Let There Be Light
      About ten minutes before your kids need to wake up, go into their rooms and quietly raise the blinds so they get accustomed to the light.
    2. Play That Funky Music
      Create a rise-and-shine playlist that will really get them moving (or have the kids make it). Use your MP3 player and portable speakers, or try this nifty trick: place your mobile phone into a ceramic bowl to amplify the sound.
    3. Break Out the Bathroom
      If you have more than one child, or only one bathroom, set a schedule and post it on the door. Have some kids take their bath/shower at night, and others in the morning. To really keep things moving, specify a time limit — but to make it fun, use music. For example, set a rule that that they can only be in the bathroom for two of their favorite (under-five-minute!) songs.
    4. Bag the Gym Clothes
      Every week, wash and dry dirty gym clothes and put them back in each child's gym bag. Hang the bag on the doorknob of their respective bedrooms. In the morning, all they have to do is grab the bag on their way out.
    5. Create a Kid-Friendly Closet for Every Season
      When there’s less clutter, it’s easier to pick out an outfit. Keep commonly used items in plain sight so it’s easy to grab them. Use high shelves and Ziploc® brand Space Bags® compression storage bags to maximize space and store off-season clothing. Also consider separating tops and bottoms, and organizing by color, to help children find things easily.
    6. Lay It All Out
      For younger kids, set out their entire outfit for the next day, so there are no last-minute clothes crises. Some super-prepared parents plan outfits for the entire week on Sunday arranged on labeled hangers, hanging mesh bags or neat piles in drawers.
    7. Pack Lunches the Night Before
      Whether you're packing a PB&J sandwich or a sturdier chicken salad sandwich, Ziploc® brand Sandwich Bags keep lunches fresh. Of course, if your kids are old enough, have them pack their own lunches.

    Article courtesy of S. C. Johnson’s Right@Home

    Article provided by SC Johnson
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