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    Egg Carton Flowers

    Level of difficulty:  Beginner

    Your kids can create their own colorful summer bouquet of flowers using recycled egg cartons and paint. It’s a great craft project to keep the kids busy during the heat of summer!

    What You'll Need:

    • Straws
    • Crafter’s Closet Acrylic Paints 8 pc.
    • Crafter’s Closet Premium Brush Set
    • Crafter’s Closet Multicolored Pony Beads
    • Crafter's Closet Jute
    • Crafter's Closet Precision Scissors
    • Crafter's Closet Hot Glue Gun
    • Crafter's Closet Hot Glue Sticks
    • Baked with Love Mini Colored Baking Cups
    • Crafter’s Closet Sparkling Gems Pearl Stickers
    • Crafter’s Closet Iridescent Glitter
    • Egg carton

    Let's Do This!


    Step 1:

    1. Cut apart the egg carton. Use the cups and the tall dividers to create flowers. Use the lid to create leaves.
    2. Use your imagination to create your own flower shapes, or refer to our samples for ideas.


    Step 2:

    1. Paint the flowers and leaves.
    2. Optional tips: 1. Apply glitter to wet paint for a shimmery flower 2. Paint a different color on each side of the flower 3. Mix paints to create new colors.


    Step 3:

    1. Layer different flower shapes to create dimension.
    2. Add fun embellishments like pearl gems and cupcake liners to make unique flowers. Once you are satisfied with your flower, hot glue all the layers together. Tip: Turn cupcake liners inside out so the color shows on your flower. See our samples for inspirational ideas!


    Step 4:

    1. Lay a flower face-down on your work surface and apply a dab of hot glue to the back. Inset a straw straight down into the hot glue. Hold for a moment until the glue begins to harden and the straw stays straight up on its own. Set aside to let the glue completely dry. Repeat for all the flowers.


    Step 5:

    1. Adhere leaves to the straws using hot glue. Tip: Apply glue to leaf first, let it set just a moment, and then press the leaf against the straw. This will prevent the straw from melting.


    Step 6:

    1. To decorate the jar: Cut a 27" length of jute. String pony beads onto the jute so that they will wrap around the neck of the jar. We used 38 pony beads in our sample.
    2. Tie the jute around the neck of the jar and finish with a bow.
    3. Place the flowers in the jar. Enjoy your bouquet!

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