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    Providing Better For You Choices at DG

    As part of our mission of Serving Others, we’ve created DG Better For You, a program that’s all about making it easier to find options for eating well. DG Better For You aims to help you take care of yourself and the people you love.

    You told us what mattered. We listened. Then we partnered with a registered dietitian, Mary Alice Cain, to guide us in developing this program. Using authoritative resources including the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Mary Alice provides the nutritional expertise behind our Better For You recipes. She also helps us identify qualifying items for our growing selection of high-quality, low-cost Better For You product offerings. Together, we are focused on continuing to deliver delicious products while also providing more options that are better for you.




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    Discover more quick and delicious Better For You recipes on our DG Easy Meals page.



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    Better For You Tip: Did you know that most frozen vegetables are trimmed and packed within hours of harvesting? That means they’re often fresher-than-fresh when we go to use them. And by flash freezing them, many of their good-for-you vitamins and minerals are locked in, which is just what we need to start our day. 



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    Meet Our Dietitian

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    Mary Alice Cain received her Master’s Degree in Health Science with a focus in Nutrition at Georgia State University and her Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition from The University of Alabama where she completed the Coordinated Program in Dietetics. While attending Georgia State University, Mary Alice participated in an assistantship with After-School All-Stars where she taught nutrition and cooking to students in the Atlanta area. This program inspired her to research Dollar General’s role in communities and to develop a cookbook of recipes made exclusively with ingredients from our stores. She is now a valued partner in helping Dollar General create our Better For You program. 

    Read more about her career journey and partnership with Dollar General.