Schick® Women’s Shave: Shave Prep Tips

Shaving may take some prep work. With SKINTIMATE® SHAVE GEL you'll never miss a spot.

How do I shave with shaving cream?
First things first — make sure your legs are thoroughly wet and your hair is soft. Letting your skin first become thoroughly wet will help prepare the hair for a smooth shave.

Once your skin is wet, you can now apply your shave gel. Make sure to choose a shaving gel that is right for your skin. The Skintimate® Skin Therapy products are great for sensitive, dry skin, and if you are looking for a fun and fruity scent, check out the Skintimate® Signature Scents® shave gels. Spread a thin layer of shaving gel over every part of your leg that you're going to shave, creating a rich, luxurious lather — full coverage of gel on your legs protects your skin and helps reduce irritation and stubble.

Use a multi-blade razor on your legs with the blades flat against your skin. Press gently and evenly as you slide the razor from your ankle up toward your knee. Try for an even press / slide / lift motion. Rinse the razor after every swipe or two to help avoid clogging the razor with hair and shaving cream.

How do I shave my sensitive skin?
Nailing down the cause of skin’s sensitivity varies from person to person. Some tips to help shave sensitive skin include:

  • Using warm, never hot water;
  • Checking labels before buying products;
  • Being sure to shave with a quality shaving gel, foam or cream like Skintimate® Dry Skin shave gel, every time you shave; and
  • Always using a good, multi-blade razor and replacing the blades frequently.

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