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    How To Look Your Best In Front Of The Camera

    BY Titilayo Abiwon

    “Pics or it didn’t happen, right?” Haha! I think we can all agree that the best

    life moments are meant to be documented so they can last forever! As a makeup artist, I know

    that nothing ruins a great memory for me more than a “not so great” makeup appearance.

    When it comes to looking your best in front of the camera, there are key guidelines that everyone should take note of in order to present yourself in the best light possible.

    With that in mind, I have put together a simple guide highlighting some of my makeup tips for looking your very best on camera!

    1) Start with healthy skin! Skincare is the most important step to any flawless makeup

    application, and I cannot stress this point enough. Sometimes I feel like I pay more

    attention to the skincare products in my routine than the actual makeup routine. Haha!

    I personally love the Studio Selection Clarifying Charcoal Cleanser from Dollar General as

    the first step to my skincare. I currently use this EVERY DAY! Ever since incorporating

    this into my skincare, my face feels deeply cleansed and detoxified, which gives me

    smooth skin prepped and ready for a flawless makeup application.

    I usually follow up with my favorite moisturizer and makeup primer.

    2) Next, getting a perfect foundation match is VERY important. In the past, I paid very little

    attention to actually getting a good foundation match for my skin tone and undertone and,

    as a result, I would end up looking ashy or orange in pictures and videos. Oh, the

    struggles! It took me a while to figure out that the problem was that my foundation tone

    and undertone simply did not match my skin tone and undertone.

    Aside from the issues surrounding getting a perfect foundation match, learning all you can about your skin type and texture is also very important. This would help you decide on the type of foundation finish to reach for, i.e. matte, hydrating, luminous, satin, etc.… My whole experience with foundations changed after this realization. A foundation I absolutely love is the Believe Beauty skin finish foundation because it gives me a perfect foundation match and also contributes to a flawless finish in photos.

    3) Next, using the right concealer is extremely important. Not only does concealer add

    additional coverage for those that need it, concealer also helps wake up/brighten the face

    when a brighter shade is used as a highlighter. There are a lot of different formulas for

    different skin types. Similar to foundation, understanding your skin type and reaching for

    the one that best suits your skin type is important.

    4) BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. Blending is key! Overall, a good blend is what really

    contributes to an all-around flawless makeup application. I spend more time going back

    and forth blending my products together than I do applying the products in the first place.

    Nothing ruins an on-camera moment more than discovering that your makeup looked patchy

    the entire time.

    Another important tip I have picked up over the years is to ensure to blend makeup down into the neck. I made the mistake of not doing this so many times and it resulted in my neck appearing like it did not belong with my face! Haha! Not a great look, especially in pictures.

    5) Adding mascara or falsies: Waking up your eyes with some mascara or your favorite

    pair of falsies is always a game changer. I personally love the Believe Beauty extended

    lash lengthening mascara!

    6) Bronzer highlight and blush: These steps should not be skipped in order to get that

    beautiful glowy makeup look on camera. Bronzers help warm up the face and

    highlighters add a nice glow. Then, top it off with blush to add some color back onto the


    7) The perfect lip! For this, it’s all about personal preference. Personally, I love more of a

    glossy lip because it adds a nice softness to the overall look! I love topping up any lip

    with my favorite clear lip gloss from L.A colors.

    8) And then the final step, setting spray! Completing the makeup process with a setting

    spray is VERY important. This helps improve the overall makeup finish and also helps

    extend the wear of the makeup. The Believe Beauty Makeup Perfecting Setting Spray does an

    amazing job with this.

    Incorporate these tips into your makeup routine next time you have a camera shoot and you are

    sure to capture the best moments on camera that you will always be excited to look back on!


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