Beauty Tips for Beautiful Moms



Moms get it. Between the kids' activities, work, and family time, it’s tough to get everything done in a day – especially when it comes to finding the time to take care of yourself. These six easy-peasy, time-saving beauty hacks can help you shave time off your morning – so you can look and feel your best all day long.

Prep your beauty bag the night before.

Stay prepared and fresh by leaving a few extra minutes every night to get organized. First, pack all the essential beauty and styling tools you’ll need. Then, pick out your outfit (and remember to keep your facial routine in mind). And finally, put your bag by the door or in a place you’ll see it before you go.


Drink water before caffeine.

Yep, you heard right. Drinking cold water right after you wake up not only helps avoid dehydration, but it also fires up your metabolism, gives your brain fuel, flushes out toxins and even helps you maintain a balanced diet. So, while it’s tempting to run straight for the coffee maker, drink some water first next time and save the coffee for a little later in the morning. Your body will thank you for it.

Create a five-minute shower/bath music playlist.

Listening to music while bathing can do wonders. Not only is it inspiring, but it can also help with focus and personal health. Try this technique to change up your routine: make a song list lasting about five minutes, hit play just before you jump in and wrap up when the last song ends.

Put the shaving cream aside and opt for baby oil instead.

Say what? Yep, swap your normal shave gel or cream for good old-fashioned baby oil. Experts say that using baby oil on sensitive shaving areas nourishes skin while shaving, and it saves YOU time by eliminating the need for you to apply a moisturizer after.


Combine your moisturizer and foundation into one easy application.

Using a 1:1 ratio, add equal parts foundation and facial lotion into an empty bottle to get the right tint and an even blend for a better skin complexion. Don’t have the time? Check out your local Dollar General to find a tinted moisturizer that’s right for you.


Don’t sweat the snag in your stockings. Use hairspray.

Yep, it may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works every time. So the next time you are running around like a madwoman and have the inevitable last-minute snag, spray a light amount to the entirety of your stockings. It strengthens the fibers, minimizing and preventing any more runs. Remember to reapply hairspray after every wash.


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