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Are you a baddie who loves to slay your face? Or are you a makeup artist like me who has a large clientele with tons of makeup tools and brushes? We have all the brushes and tools to achieve a beautiful, full face, but we have to ensure that we are cleaning and disinfecting them properly as well.

I’m here to share my tips and hacks on spring cleaning my brushes, makeup and tools. These hacks can also be used year-round. Whether you use face brushes, eye brushes, sponges or any other brushes, these tips will help you get the job done.


It is important to clean your brushes and tools on a regular basis to keep a clean, safe and sanitary environment. It is good to spot-clean your brushes with alcohol between each use when you are unable to utilize a freshly clean brush and deep clean them at least once a week, especially when you are using them on multiple people. The best way to clean brushes that I have found to be most effective is to use coconut oil, dish detergent, antibacterial soap and antibacterial wipes.

1. First I use a little Shea Moisture Coconut Oil to break down the dirt and makeup in the brushes. Many times, you have built-up makeup that is difficult to clean out of the brushes, so this helps to loosen it up. You can either use a little on your hands or swirl the brushes right into the container so that they are well coated. Once you have worked it into the brush’s bristles, you will rinse the product out with lukewarm water. Be sure to always clean the brushes downward. You never want to wash the brushes with the bristles facing up because it can damage them by potentially loosening the glue that holds the bristles and the handle together. This can also cause the brushes to shed.

2. Next, add a little Dawn Dish Detergent like Dawn Ultra to the bristles and run it under lukewarm water and swirl them around in your hand in a circular motion to help remove the makeup. You will soon see the brush come clean. This is also the time to mix a small amount of liquid antibacterial soap to ensure that you are not only cleaning, but disinfecting the tools and brushes as well. You may have to repeat this step a few times, especially for older tools.

3. After these steps, lay your brushes flat to dry on a paper towel or bath towel. Once they are dry, take an antibacterial wipe to clean the handles of the brushes.

You can always tell it is time to throw out old brushes and tools when they are loose at the handle or the bristles begin to lose their form. You can use your brushes for as long as they are intact, but the best time to replace them is when the bristles and hairs do not come completely clean or they are permanently stained.



When it comes to cleaning makeup and makeup palettes, the best thing to use is a small spray bottle of alcohol and disinfectant wipes. This allows the product to stay intact and clean at the same time. I use this method for all eyeshadow palettes and compacts. When using mascara, lipsticks and glosses, Q-tips and disposable wands are the best route to keep sanitary unless using them on yourself only.

The best way to tell when to get rid of old makeup:

1. Check the packaging. Many products have a symbol on them that looks like a small open container with a number 12 or 24 depending on the product, and this indicates the number of months the product is guaranteed to be good to use.

2. Separation or change in color over time also helps you know when it’s time to toss.

3. Every 3 months mascara should be replaced to reduce the chance of getting infections and to ensure you’re getting the best use. I know we have all experienced that clumpy mascara wand that won’t give us the look we want.

These hacks should get you on the right track to an easier and more efficient way to keep your makeup and tools clean and ready to use.




Ambrianna Echols

Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer

Ambrianna is a freelance makeup artist, beauty influencer, and content creator that focuses on beauty and art. Based in Athens, Ga. She creates beautiful looks and promotes self-confidence for women of all backgrounds. I love what I do because I love to encourage others to feel beautiful.

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