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Flower Crown

Level of difficulty:  Intermediate

Get ready for festival season with this sweet flower crown!

What You'll Need:

  • Crafter's Closet Precision Scissors
  • Crafter's Closet Beading Wire
  • Crafter's Closet Detail Ribbon
  • Fake Flowers and Leaves

Let's Do This!


Step 1:

  1. Cut flower stems leaving a few inches to add other flowers.


Step 2:

  1. Using the beading wire, line up another flower stem and wrap the wire around. Continue this process until you have a full circle. Secure with wire.


Step 3:

  1. Use the beading wire to add larger flowers to the middle of the crown for a focal point. Continue adding leaves and small flowers with the wire to create a fuller look.


Step 4:

  1. Tie gold ribbon to the crown and loosely wrap around the flowers. Add a few long ribbons to the back to create elegant flowing detail.