Winter Hair Moisture with Urban Hydration

Wash days are the foundation for prepping your curls for the upcoming weeks. Your regimen should include cleansing, moisturizing, detangling, and styling your coils. Each step is essential to improving the condition of your curls, so you’re able to achieve your hair goals. Whether it’s health, length, strength, or shiny hair, your regimen will get you there.


To have the best wash day regimen, I recommend doing 4 basic steps:

1. CLEANSE – The first step is to cleanse your scalp and hair. After a week of lathering our hair with different products, our curls become weighed down. They don’t perform as they should as there is product build-up and excess sebum on our scalps. We must cleanse all of it using a sulfate-free shampoo to allow our scalp to breathe again. I love using Urban Hydration Shampoo and Detangler because it deeply cleanses and revitalizes every hair strand. It is formulated with cleansing ingredients to leave the hair feeling clean without being stripped. The aloe and ginger will heal and repair any damaged scalp follicles. The castor oil will condition, thicken, and strengthen your hair strand. And more importantly, all ingredients work together to promote healthy hair growth.

2. CONDITION – Next, you should follow up with a conditioning treatment. Conditioners are manufactured to replenish the hair with the moisture that was removed from shampoos. They also contain fatty acids and alcohol which can penetrate the hair shaft to revitalize any dry and frizzy hair strands. More importantly, they contain the slip needed to detangle each section from tips to roots. The Urban Hydration Co-Wash and Conditioner is the perfect solution for your hairs’ needs. It will provide the slip needed to keep your coils tangle free. As well as, rich in nutrients needed to replenish your dry and lackluster curls. The consistency is thick so a little goes a long way.


3. MOISTURIZE – Then, you should moisturize your hair. Once your hair is moisturized it can thrive to its fullest potential. Properly moisturizing hair allows it to be less prone to breakage, knots, tangles, and frizz; allowing you to retain more of your hair length to reach your hair goals. Urban Hydration Jamaican Castor Oil Moisturize & Style Lotion restores the softness and suppleness of your kinks to prevent breakage, damage, and frizz.


4. STYLE – Last but certainly not least is to style your curls. For whichever style you choose to do, you must use the correct styling agent. For example, if you want to do a washand-go, or a slick back style that requires maximum hold then gels are your best friend. However, if you need a medium hold for styles such as twist-outs or braid-outs then butter, creams, and mousses will work perfectly. Once you have chosen your desired style, spritz a dime size amount of Urban Hydration Jamaican Castor Oil Detangle & Style Spray. This ensures that your hair is tangle-free, so styling becomes much easier.



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