Moisturize Your Hair with Mielle

By Emma Ford 

I take self-care day seriously. With two toddler boys and a busy schedule, any moment I get alone is golden! That’s why hair care day is also Me-Day. 

Self-care day begins with a quick run to my local Dollar General for snacks, candles and my favorite product for my 4-C hair. I come home and unload my self-care tools and take them into my home spa (my bathroom lol). I then light a candle that puts me in a calm space. I turn on some music, grab a piece of candy, get into the shower and begin washing my hair. Once my hair is clean, I grab the Mielle Babassu & Mint Deep conditioner. Since my hair is thick, coarse and moisture deficient, a deep conditioner is always a must have. This product is perfect for my dry coils. It adds protein and balance for moisture and growth. The deep conditioner smells amazing and coats my hair as I apply it in the shower. It’s made with certified organic ingredients, fatty acids and natural products. After leaving it in for a while I then rinse it out. I also love that this product is perfect for all hair types.


After I get out of the shower, I towel off and add the Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner to my clean hair. This product is a detangler as well as a moisturizer and is a perfect primer for my thick, coily type 4 hair. The natural products like Babassu oil and Citrus extracts penetrates and adds moisture and shine to every strand. This product smells amazing and again coats my hair for a softer, fizz-free, detangled hair. I love that I can feel the moisture on my beautiful hair after applying it.


Remember, wash day and self-care day are one and the same. Loving on yourself and your hair is important. Dollar General has everything you need to not only take care of your hair, but also your peace of mind and soul. Grab the Mielle line of products and create your self-care moments.



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