Jump-Start Your Spring Workout

Jump-Start Your Spring Workout

You started off the new year with a resolution to be healthier. That’s great. But maybe your workout routine has become a little stale over the last few months? Here are a few simple moves you can do at home to help shake things up! All you’ll need is a jump rope.

1. Row

Loop your jump rope around a secure object that’s at head height. Face the looped rope, lean way back and extend your arms in front of you. Keeping your arms close to your body, bend at the elbow to pull your body upright. You’ll know it’s working because you’ll feel it in your upper back, right between your shoulder blades. Lower yourself back down and repeat the movement. To get the most out of this movement, make sure to keep your chest open and really squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of each movement.

2. Triceps Extension

Loop your jump rope around a secure object that’s at head height. Face away from the looped rope and grab the handles with both hands. Keep your elbows in tight and your arms in line with your shoulders as you slowly lean forward and extend your arms. Return to a 90-degree angle and repeat! The more you lean forward by walking your feet back, the harder this will be.

3. Ab Twists

Not only does this move target your obliques, it also works your shoulders. Just loop your jump rope around a secure object that’s at head height. Hold both of the rope handles in your hands, extend your arms, and lean back. Way back. Keep your core tight and pull your arms around to the side (it’s OK if your body raises up a bit). End the move with both handles next to one hip. Lower yourself and repeat on the other side. To make this move more challenging, lean farther back.

4. Squat Jumps

Start this move in a deep squat position, and swing the jump rope over your head like you normally would, then jump over it. Remember to maintain your squat position to strengthen your quads and glutes. To really challenge yourself, don’t straighten your legs between reps.

5. Hamstring Stretch

After every workout it’s key to make sure you stretch. You don’t want to be super sore after working all those muscles. This stretch is especially great after a jump roping session. Loop the rope over one extended leg. Keep your back straight and pull on the rope until you feel the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch legs. Remember not to bend your knees!

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