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Get Long Lasting Color on Your Self Care Days with Schwarzkopf

By Daye Covington 

Coloring my hair has always been one of my favorite parts of my hair journey and my personal style. I like to switch up my hair color with my mood, the seasons, trends or simply out of boredom. Over the years, through my many hair dyeing trials and tribulations, I’ve been able to build the confidence to touch up or even switch colors between salon visits, thanks to the lessons I’ve learned. Here is my list of Do’s and Don’ts to get and maintain long-lasting color:



  • Use sulfate-free cleansers. 

  • Condition and moisturize frequently. 

  • Use protein and/or hair bond treatments. 

  • Incorporate cool/lukewarm water rinsing after cleansing and conditioning. 

  • Test patches when trying new hair color systems. 

  • Protect your hair from the Sun and UV rays. 


  • Heat style without a heat protectant. 

  • Shampoo excessively. 

  • Over manipulate/excessive styling. 

  • Layer chemicals on chemicals. 

  • Skip conditioning or protein treatments. 

  • Color already damaged or dry hair. 

Along the way, I’ve also found some must haves for any at-home coloring systems. I must have: 

  1. Protein infused formula 

  2. Post-color treatment 

  3. Pigment! 

And I’ve found all three in Schwarzkopf’s Keratin Color, available at Dollar General. On top of this system being easy to use and supplying long-lasting color, it also can provide up to 100% gray coverage and prevent up to 80% less breakage than hair that goes untreated. The Enhanced K-Bond Plex technology targets both inner and outer hair structures pre- and post-coloring with the Pre-Color Serum and post-color Conditioner for stronger, healthy- looking hair. 

I’ve been rocking the red and orange ombre for a while, so I decided to cool it down for fall with the Schwarzkopf’s Keratin Color shade “4.6 Intense Cocoa”.

Here’s how it went:


Start by putting your hair in workable sections (4 works fine for me) and apply the PRE COLOR SERUM.


Mix the COLOR CREAM with the DEVELOPER LOTION, shake, and apply to hair.



Rinse hair, apply K-BOND-PLEX CONDITION, and rinse again. 


Boom. You’re done. It’s time to execute your desired style and slay with your beautiful color! 


If you’re like me and love a color change up or maybe you’ve been wanting to try out a new color, but you’ve been waiting on a sign–THIS is your sign. Head on over to Dollar General and pick up Schwarzkopf’s Keratin Color! You’ll find an array of shades from Light Ash Blonde to Black Onyx or Rich Caviar (a deep purple) to Intense Cocoa – there’s a color to fit any mood.



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