Take Our Fall Cleaning Challenge

Protect Your Home From Bugs
Each fall, bugs are attracted to the warmth of your home and try to move in. Dissuade them with Raid Max® Bug Barrier! This simple spray helps you create a lasting line of protection against bugs inside and outside your home. Bug Barrier has even been shown to kill more roaches than the leading brand of indoor/outdoor insect killer,* and it will kill roaches, flies, spiders and ants on contact.

*Raid Max® Bug Barrier kills 8x more roaches than the leading brand of indoor/outdoor insect killer based on 1 minute of exposure to a dry, pre-treated wood surface against American and German cockroaches 48 hours after contact.

Weed Out Your Closet
If you don't have time to reorganize your closets, at least check to see what you are no longer wearing (wrong size, outdated style, etc.). Stash these items in a box or heavy-duty garbage bag and donate them to charity

Change Bed Linens and Rotate Mattresses
Rotate your mattresses this fall (and every three months) to avoid sagging and permanent impressions from your body weight. (These days you can buy a no-turn mattress, but rotation prolongs the life of most mattresses.) Now is also the time to launder all bedding: mattress pads, pillows, duvets, dust ruffles, blankets and comforters.

Bring Potted Plants Indoors
Unless you live in the South or Southwest, it's time to bring the potted plants indoors. To help your plants continue to thrive indoors, learn how to spot plant diseases and other possible problems.

Fast-shine Stainless Steel
I love the stainless steel appliances in my kitchen, but multipurpose cleaners leave my stainless steel appliances dull and smudged so they don't look clean. With the Pledge® Multi Surface Cleaner, it takes only minutes to clean and shine everything stainless steel — from the front of my oven, microwave, and dishwasher to mixers, toasters, and even my sink! I get clean, shiny appliances without smudges and no hard polishing is required.

Article courtesy of S. C. Johnson’s Right@Home

Article provided by SC Johnson

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