Holiday Houseguest Checklist

Get ready for your holiday houseguests with this week-by-week cleaning and decorating checklist.

The three to four weeks between Thanksgiving and the new year can be incredibly busy. The solution? A week-by-week checklist that will give you more time for the traditions you value most. So whether you’re planning on your houseguests staying one night or all season, get your home in order with this cleaning and decorating plan of action.

Week 1 (last week of November):

  • De-clutter. There’s no better time than now to donate or trash things you don’t use or need.
  • Organize and label your things in storage bins.
  • Make sure all the light bulbs in your house are working.
  • Check flashlight batteries and candle supply.
  • Take an inventory of kitchen and bathroom supplies.
  • Clean out your refrigerator and toss leftovers to make room for large dishes and ingredients.
  • Check for coupons.

Week 2 (first week of December):

  • Repair those drippy faucets and squeaky doors.
  • Child-proof your home in anticipation of small children visiting.
  • Plan your holiday menu: Order turkey, ham or other specialty foods.
  • Start decorating. Try these easy decorating tips:
    • Warm up your decor with a touch of citrus. Fill a dish with oranges, lemons and limes and then add ornaments and pine boughs to the mix.
    • Fill a glass vase with ornaments. (Tip: Decorate on a budget by using last year’s ornaments in a new way.)
    • Fill a large jar with candy canes.

Week 3 (second week of December):

  • Spend a few hours each day cleaning one room. (Tip: Start with less-frequented areas like guest rooms and closets.)
  • Get your bedrooms guest-ready with fresh sheets, blankets and pillows.
  • Clean out your closets and drawers.
  • Make sure you have plenty of towels, soap, shampoo and bubble bath.
  • Stock up on toilet paper so your guests won’t have to ask you for more.
  • Get your cleaning supplies and clean all bathrooms.

Week 4 (third week of December):

  • Clean the rest of the house. Focus on rooms you use most.
  • Start cooking ahead. Think enjoyable, easy meals that won’t have you spending all your time in the kitchen.
  • Empty all trashcans.
  • Set out self-serve snacks throughout your house like nuts, fruits and candies.
  • Add a cheery touch to your guest room with fresh flowers and some light reading material.
  • Enjoy your guests and delight in the holidays.

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