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Easy Back to School Lunch & Snack Ideas

Master Back to School lunch prep in minutes thanks to these simple ideas and easy-to-follow recipes.

1. Discover smart, simple recipes to make ahead that will get you out the door in record time. 
With the right ingredients, lunch takes a little prep and whole lotta love. With Dollar General Quick Meal Assembly & Better For You recipes, we have everything you need to master meal & snack time. 

Quick Meals


2. Pack the Perfect Lunch 
Shop and save on stylish lunch bags & lunch accessories that are easy to decorate and fun fill with your child’s favorite foods. Add something extra like a homemade surprise, like our Bee Snack Clips, that will make your child's day. Find even more inspiration at DG Crafts

3. Keep food fresh and organized
Stay organized lunch after lunch with easy packing and simple storage. 

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