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    Dollar General offers everyday low prices on food and essential home items. There are many more ways for you to save each week at your local DG. You can save more money with our DG Digital Coupons, $1 Deals, DG Rewards and DG Brands. We have a variety of services though the DG app including DG Pickup and DG GO! that save you time shopping. And when you’re in store, we offer Western Union and FedEx services as well. Learn how to maximize your savings and time with a few helpful tips. 


    DG Digital Coupons & Rewards



    Tips for Saving Money on Back-to-School Shopping at Dollar General

    We partnered with Financial IQ to show you how to pep for school and save by getting deals at DG. From stocking up to using DG Digital Coupons on the DG App, we are here to help you save time and money for Back to School 2021.



    Dollar General Money Saving Tips

    Lydia Senn gives her top nine couponing and shopping tips. Learn how to save more and help you maximize deals each trip by using the DG App.
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    Dollar General Digital Coupon Tips

    JC Phelps walks you through all the money saving tools in the DG App including DG Digital Coupons and the Weekly AD.

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    Financial IQ is here to deliver education on a wide variety of financial topics, with a personal touch, in just a matter of seconds.

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    Shop $1 Deals





    Save More With DG Brands

    Eliana Treece shows us how she stays on budget at Dollar General by using the DG App and buying her favorite DG Brands.

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    Dollar General Couponing Tips

    Planning dinner? Candace McCloud shows you how to build a shopping list in the DG App and find coupons on everything you need.

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