New Angel Soft® Ultra - Softer & Stronger Toilet Paper Still At A Good Price

As a mom of two, when I shop for home supplies I look for products that give me the biggest bang for my buck. When it comes to toilet paper I always thought I had to buy the most expensive ones because the lower-priced ones always felt super rough. That was until I found New Angel Soft® Ultra at Dollar General. I'll never go back to another brand!

I recently switched from the regular Angel Soft® rolls to Angel Soft® Ultra and oh my it is so soft. I used to pay the premium brands when they were on deal, but I tried Angel Soft® Ultra because it is softer and stronger than regular Angel Soft®, but still affordable. It is definitely softer and stronger, and although it is made with a premium fiber, it is still septic safe. My kids tend to always use too many sheets, before when I tried to save money and bought lower- priced brands, the toilets would often get clogged. That has never happened with Angel Soft® Ultra Toilet Paper.

I love that New Angel Soft® Ultra Toilet Paper doesn’t compromise quality for value. This toilet paper is softer and stronger and still has way more sheets than the more expensive brands I used to buy. My eight-year-old who always has a runny nose is always using them as tissue to blow his nose and it doesn’t even tear.

I always shop at my local Dollar General store because they always have good deals in-store for a lot of items I need for my home, and I love that I can now buy new Angel Soft® Ultra there. 

I love that shopping at Dollar General means great deals for my family. As a mom, I always find myself having to buy different brands for one type of product because we each have our own favorites; I am so happy I don't have to do that for toilet paper. We unanimously approve Angel Soft® Ultra as our family's brand of choice! The great thing about Angel Soft® Ultra is that it is a good price every day, so that you don't have to use coupons to get a premium product.

Make sure to look for the Angel Soft® Ultra display during your next visit to Dollar General!

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