Haunted Gingerbread House and Other Halloween Baking Ideas

Fun Baking with Halloween Candy

Pick up you and your family’s favorite candy early this year to bring a little Halloween fun to the kitchen. You don’t have to wait until the 31st to enjoy Halloween treats and make something sweet. Whether you’re decorating Halloween cookies for a party or just baking for your own little skeleton crew, your Halloween will be a little sweeter with desserts that include your classic candy faves.


Idea  #1: Make Treats Even Sweeter

Make your favorite dessert recipes a little spookier and a whole lot yummier by adding your favorite candy. Stuff Kit Kats in a brownie, top cookies with M&Ms, or make a peanut butter pie even peanut-butterier by topping it with Reese’s Cups. DG Easy Meals has tons of delicious dessert recipes that incorporate Halloween candy of all kinds.

Idea #2: Conjure Up A Haunted Gingerbread House

Why should Christmas have all the fun? A Halloween gingerbread house is just what your next weekend needs.  Whether you bake your own ahead of time or pick some up pre-made, graham crackers are the perfect blank canvas for your crowd’s haunted candy creations. Set out frosting in seasonal colors like orange and white. Then let them go to town with candy toppings like M&Ms, candy corns, Skittles, and even chopped-up candy bars. Don’t forget to snap pictures of the creations before they disappear. Share your creation on Instagram with #DollarGeneralFinds.

Idea #3: Spooky Cookie Decorating Contest

If you want to take your cookie party to the next level, organize a Halloween cookie decorating contest. Make sure you’ve got plenty of candy eyeballs, sugar spiders and ghost sprinkles on hand for your guests so their creepy creativity can really shine. Pick up a small party prize for the winner – although we all know that the real reward is getting to eat your creation once the contest is over. Want to try something other than cookies? Check out our other spooky recipes on DG Easy Meals.

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