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    Angel Soft® Ultra for Budget Conscious Mamas

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    Where are all the moms who always feel like they're frequently buying toilet paper because their kids go through it too fast? If you’re anything like I am, you have kids who go through it incredibly fast! Obviously for its intended use first, but also for colds, crafts, and just because it’s fun to play with. At least, that’s what my toddler tells me!

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    I recently found new Angel Soft® Ultra! This toilet paper has extra softness and extra strength but is still affordable. I found Angel Soft® Ultra at Dollar General, our go to store no matter where we live. Since we move a lot due to my husband’s military career, the first store we always hit up is Dollar General. It’s a great place for those budget conscious mamas to grab household goods, like Angel Soft® Ultra, as well as cleaning supplies, groceries and craft supplies for the kids without spending a small fortune. Angel Soft® Ultra is a win because it has a great every day value for higher quality toilet paper.

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    I learned a long time ago to always pack extras of everything when we travel, so I make sure to run to Dollar General before we go anywhere. Grabbing a 6 or 12 pack of Angel Soft® Ultra to keep in the car is a necessity, as well as having the usual trash bags, first aid kit, and snacks. Skip the scratchy stuff and use the new softer and stronger Angel Soft® Ultra you brought along for the ride! Make sure to look for the Angel Soft® Ultra display during your next visit to Dollar General!

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    Sandee B. of

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