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    5 Tips for Preventing Diaper Leaks & Blowouts


    Are you tired of checking on your little one’s diaper only to find that its contents have found a way to escape? If diaper leakage and blowouts are tiring you and your baby out, here are 5 tips that can help!

    Check the Sizing

    The cause of your child’s leakage could simply be that the diaper is too-small. If leakage becomes more frequent, it may be time for your little one to move up a size. A major sign of a sizing problem is leakage that is occurring through the top of the diaper. You can also tell if sizing is the culprit of the leakage by checking the tightness of the diaper around your baby’s waist and legs. If the fit feels too tight, or there are red marks on your baby’s legs, it is time to move on to bigger and better diapers! Sizing up also helps to provide some additional absorbency if your child is a heavy wetter!

    Apply Correctly

    Although you may feel like a professional diaper changer after the first few weeks (or months) of having your baby, there may be a minor miss-step in your diaper application that is causing your child’s diaper leakage. Make sure that the edges of the diaper around your baby’s legs are not tucked inwards—as this can lead to major leakage. You should also check that the diaper tabs are tightly secured higher up on your little one’s hips to help avoid blowouts.

    Change Frequently

    During the first couple months of life, your baby will urinate around 20 times a day! This means many possibilities for leaks if your child’s diaper is not being changed frequently enough. To be on the safe side, it is best to change your little one’s diaper every 2-3 hours. Be sure to also change diapers after meals and naps, as well as right before bedtime to avoid those late-night blowouts!

    Not changing frequently enough, especially in warmer weather, can also lead to diaper rash. Which is why Gentle Steps premium diapers have a breathable outer cover to help keep your little one’s skin dry and healthy.

    Maintain a Feeding Schedule

    Along with keeping track of how often you change your baby’s diapers, it is beneficial to keep your little one on a feeding schedule to help avoid runny diapers and leakage at night. Maintaining a feeding schedule will also help to create a routine of diaper changes after meals. Furthermore, it is best to stop liquid drinks, aside from breastmilk/formula feedings, an hour or two before bed to avoid night leakage.

    Choose the Right Diaper

    To minimize leaks and blowouts make sure you are choosing the right diaper to fit your baby’s needs. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide what product will solve your leakage woes without breaking your budget! One of the most important qualities that you should look for in a diaper product is great absorbency. A diaper with poor absorbent capacity can lead to more leaks and blowouts.

    Gentle Steps premium diapers offer a large absorbency zone, as well as excellent day and night leakage protection to help your little one stay dry at a fraction of the cost of leading national brands!

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