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Same Day Delivery

DG Delivery is a fast and convenient way to get the items you need without having to go to the store. Add products, apply deals, pay online and enjoy the convenience of your order being delivered to your home or office.

Available from our website or mobile app for an easy contactless delivery experience.

  1. Select your store, choose Delivery, and provide your address
  2. Build your cart, opt in to substitutions, and select your Delivery timeframe
  3. Provide your contact info and delivery instructions, add payment and select a tip amount, then place your order
  4. Sit back and let us handle the rest! We’ll shop your order, communicate with you on substitutions, and deliver everything right to your door!

DG Delivery is a fee based service.

Dollar General accepts all major credit and debit cards for DG Pickup orders.

When you check out, we submit the estimated total amount of your order to your financial institution which reserves the amount necessary to complete the transaction.

If we are able to fulfill all the items in your order, without any changes, your final total will be the same as your estimated total.

If we are unable to fulfill all the items in your order, or substitute items with your permission, your final total amount will be different from your original estimated total.

If the final order purchase amount is different from the original order purchase amount, this information will be shown on your order ready email and in your order history.

  • Some items are not eligible for DG Delivery.
  • Your order total is estimated until we pack it up and may change.
  • Some items may become unavailable and removed from your order, or substituted with your permission, which would change your final order total.
  • We currently do not accept SNAP/EBT and gift cards for DG Delivery orders.
  • We only accept digital coupons for DG Delivery orders.
  • Once you place your order you will not be able to make any changes to it including adding or removing items, changing store location, or delivery time and date.
  • You may cancel your order up to the time a driver is assigned. After that, you cannot cancel your DG Delivery order.
  • Dollar General will cancel your order if we are unable to fulfill it satisfactorily or we are unable to delivery your order after leaving the store.

Unfortunately, an item you’ve ordered may occasionally become unavailable, but many products have an eligible alternative that we can substitute.

All items ordered for delivery will default to Allow Substitutions. Should there be an item you do not wish to be substituted, just uncheck the Allow Substitutions box next to that item when prompted.

You will need to provide a valid mobile number and email so our delivery team can advise you of available substitute items when your order is processed in store.

Substituted items may not be eligible for discounts and offers that were applicable to the original items in your DG Delivery order. You will be charged the retail price of the substituted item and not the retail price of the original item in your DG Delivery order.

Doordash is our exclusive partner (remove extra “partner”) delivery partner so substution texts will be coming from the assigned dasher.

Your order may change if items become unavailable and are removed or are substituted with your permission.

If items are removed or substituted, your order details including item quantity and specifications, coupons and deals applied, and final purchase total will be updated and sent to your email as well as available in your account for signed in customers.

As soon as possible after your delivery arrives, verify that all the items you expect to be delivered are included with your order.

Please call (edit to “contact”) our customer service team if there are missing or unexpected items in your order that do not match your final order details confirmation.

Our goal is to deliver your order in your scheduled timeframe.

You will receive electronic communications throughout the fulfillment process.

Be prepared to interact with your shopper/driver if you allowed substitutions.

If we didn’t get something right with your delivered order, we’re here to help resolve the issue. We offer three options to process your refund.

1. Self-Service: Click the Need help with your order? link on your order details page to process a self-service refund. Restrictions and limitations apply.

2. Assisted Return: Contact our Customer Care team

3. In-Store Return: Using the barcode on your order details page as your receipt, return any unused items to the store. This can be found under your Order History or in your DG Delivery Complete email.

Visit our Help Center on or in the DG App to learn more about our complete Return Policy.

Your order can be canceled either by you or by Dollar General.

You may cancel your DG Delivery order up to the time a driver is assigned. Your order details page, accessible from your confirmation email or your account for signed in customers, will have a “Cancel order” button if this option is still available.

If your order details page does not have a “Cancel order” button, you have missed the cancellation window and you cannot cancel your DG Delivery order.

Dollar General will cancel your order if we are unable to fulfill it satisfactorily.

In all cases, your order details and status will reflect the cancellation.

Coupons or deals applied to canceled orders will be immediately released back to your account and remain clipped to use for a different transaction.

Your financial institution may keep a hold for the estimated amount of the order for three to seven business days. Please contact them if it is not removed after seven days.

Please sign in to check your order status in the Order History section of your account or follow the link in your email for guest checkout.