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    Order in the DG App.

    Add coupons as you go.

    Pick up in store.








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     Limited product availability. Age-restricted items are not available for purchase in the DG App.

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    I never received an email confirming that my order is ready to be picked up. How do I know it will be available when I arrive at the store?

    The status of your order will update in the DG App (on the homepage as well as in Order History under My Account). If you do not see a record of your order in the app, it is likely the order did not go through. We also recommend checking your junk mail.

    How do I know I received everything I ordered?  

    Once we’ve picked your order, you’ll receive an email detailing what we picked successfully, where we provided a substitute, or if we were unable to pick an item. You’ll receive this email prior to your pickup window. We recommend checking your order before leaving the store.

    Where do I go to pick up my order?

    Each store will have signage directing you to the DG Pickup area.

    I don't have acccess to my QR code or order location in my email. Am I able to still pick-up my order?

    Yes. Present your government issued identification to the sales associate.

    Can I have another person pick up my DG Pickup order?  

    Yes. You can send an alternate pick up person to the cubby location of your order once it’s revealed to you (which you can find using the directions below).

    Can I have the sales associate bring the order to my car?  

    Dollar General does not offer curbside pickup.

    What happens if I'm running late or miss my pickup window?

    Your order will be available through the end of the day you selected for pickup. Then it will be cancelled and the charges against your credit/debit card will be reversed.

    I've place my order. What do I do when I arrive at my pickup location?

    Once your order is ready to be picked up, the status of your order will update in the DG App (on the homepage as well as in Order History under My Account) and you’ll see a button labeled “I’m ready”. Tap the button and the cubby location of your order will be revealed to you.

    I never received an email confirming that my order has been picked up. How do I retrieve my receipt?

    Your order history is available within the DG App.


    Email us at

    How do I know if a particular store offers DG Pickup?

    Messaging about DG Pickup will appear on the homepage of the DG App if a participating store is either your preferred store or within 10 miles of your preferred store.

    How do I reserve a pickup time?  

    Available pick up windows will be displayed as you shop and complete your order.

    How do I add an item to my cart?  

    Once you’ve selected a DG Pickup store, you can search for products or browse through product categories. Please note, not all products are eligible for DG Pickup.

    How far in advance can I schedule a pickup time?

    Dollar General offers pickup windows up to three days out.

    How do I place an order?  

    During the checkout process you will use the DG App.

    Are there fees for using DG Pickup?

    Dollar General does not charge a service fee for using DG Pickup.

    Do you accept coupons?

    For DG Pickup orders, Dollar General accepts digital coupons.

    What if the coupon expires before I pick up?  

    So long as the digital coupon was valid at the time you placed the DG Pickup order, Dollar General will honor the expired coupon for DG Pickup.

    What happens to my digital coupons if my order is cancelled?

    Any valid coupons that were being applied to your DG Pickup order will be released and go back into your digital coupons wallet if your order is cancelled.

    What happens if I'm unable to receive myu order on the day I'm scheduled to do so?  

    Orders not picked up on the scheduled pick up day will be canceled and the charge against your credit/debit card will be reversed at the end of the day.

    Can I use gift cards for my purchase?  


    Can I use EBT/food stamps for my purchase?


    Can I apply a promo code to my DG Pickup order?


    Is there a charge for bags?  

    Dollar General will charge bag fees as required by local or state law.

    Can I use reusable grocery bags?  

    COVID-19 Note: Please follow local guidelines regarding reusable grocery bags.

    Why is there an authorization hold on my credit/debit card after I place an order?

    Dollar General submits the estimated total amount to your financial institution which reserves the amount necessary to complete the transaction.

    I never received an email confirming my order had been received. How do I verify?

    The status of your order will update in the DG App (on the homepage as well as in Order History under My Account).

    Why are prices on items estimated versus actual?  

    Individual prices may vary on some items.

    Can I order age-restricted items like alcohol through DG Pickup?


    Can I purchase gift cards through DG Pickup?


    Can I purchase prepaid phones through DG Pickup?


    Does Dollar General offer price matching for DG Pickup?


    What happens if an item is unavailable in the store?  

    If an item is unavailable at the store while you’re building your order, it will appear as out of stock and you won’t be able to add it to your cart. If an item becomes unavailable after you’ve added it to your cart and placed your order, the sales associate will select an alternative item to complete order if you have elected to allow substitutions. If you did not elect to allow substitutions, the sales associate will not pick anything. You will be alerted via email and in-app order progress which items were not picked and which items were substituted.

    What if I don't like the substitutes given to me?

    Speak to a sales associate. Dollar General’s return policies will apply.

    What will I be charged for a substituted item?

    You will be charged the retail price of the substituted item and not the retail price of the original item in your DG Pickup order.

    What if I am not satisfied with something when I get home?  

    Dollar General’s return policies will apply.

    One of my items appears to have an ink tag still on it. What do I do to remove it?  

    Bring the item back to the store and we’ll remove the tag for you.

    I need to return an item on my order. Where is my receipt?  

    Your “DG Pickup complete” email and the order detail under your Order History in the DG App can both be used as your receipt.

    Items are missing from my order. How do I resolve?

    Speak to a sales associate. He or she will help ensure you have all your items.

    How do I cancel an existing order?  

    You can cancel your order from the Order History portion of the DG App. Tap on the “Details” link on the order you wish to cancel, scroll to the bottom and press “Cancel Order”. After placing your order, you will have thirty (30) minutes to cancel your order.

    Can I change the time or location for my pending order?


    When will the authorization hold on my credit/debit card be removed for an order I cancelled?  

    Check with your financial institution. Most holds are removed within three to seven days.

    I received an email saying my order was cancelled. Why did this happen?

    In most cases there was a problem with our ability to fulfill your order satisfactorily.



    Customer Support

    For any further questions about DG Pickup, please email us at

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