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    DG Digital Coupons and Digital Accounts FAQs


    How do I sign up for DG Digital Coupons and/or a DG Digital Account?

    To create a DG Digital Account, please select “Sign In”. Then when the Sign In pop up appears, select “Create Account”. The Sign In button is accessible on the right side of the header on a desktop computer, or within the dropdown Menu on a mobile device.


    Do I have to have a mobile phone in order to participate?

    No!  You also have the option to sign up with your landline phone. Choose “Call Me To Verify” for a verification code needed to complete registration.  Please note that you will need internet access to sign in and clip coupons, either using a computer, your mobile device on, or through the DG Mobile app. 


    How do I get my E-receipt?

    You now have the option to receive receipts sent to you via email or text message.  You can enroll in E-receipts online or through the DG Mobile app.

    To enroll online, sign into your account.  Choose Contact Preferences under your profile information and select your preferred method of E-receipt delivery.

    To enroll from the DG Mobile app, visit My Account.  Choose Contact Preferences under your profile information and select your preferred method of E-receipt delivery. 


    I’m trying to sign up for a digital account but I’m seeing an error that my phone number is invalid. 

    If you are attempting to sign up for the first time with a valid cell phone or land line phone number and you receive an “invalid phone number” error, please let us know by clicking HERE. We’ll be happy to look into this for you. 


    I forgot my password.  What can I do?

    If you forget your password, simply click on “Forgot Password” on the sign-in screen available online or through the DG Mobile app and a reset password link will be sent to the email registered to your account.


    How do I change my password?

    First, log in to your account.  Next, click on your profile information.  Go to My Account and from the My Information section, click on Edit to change your password. 

    On the DG Mobile app, visit My Account.  Click My Info and tap on the password field to change the password.


    I’m locked out of my account.  How do I get back in?

    If you are receiving a LOCKED message when attempting to log into your account, too many failed login attempts have been made on your account – causing it to be temporarily locked for your protection.  Please try again after 20 minutes. 


    How do I change my phone number or email on my digital account?

    Please log in to your account.  Click on your profile information.  Go to My Account and, from the My Information section, click on Edit to change your phone number or email address. 

    On the DG Mobile app, visit My Account.  Click My Info and tap on the phone number or email address field to update. 


    I’m required to have an MFA code to access my account.  What is this and why?

    DG requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) codes when logging in to your DG digital account from a new device, whether a mobile device or tablet.  This is an electronic authentication that adds an extra layer of security to help protect your account. 


    What are Digital Coupons?

    Digital Coupons are just like paper coupons only easier!  They can be loaded directly to your DG digital coupon account after you sign up by digitally clipping your desired coupons.


    How do I add digital coupons to my account?

    Please create and/or log into your account either by visiting the Coupon Gallery on or through the DG Mobile app.  After creating or logging into your account, you will see a gallery of all available digital coupons.  Click the desired coupon you want to “clip” or add to your account by tapping on the “Add to Wallet” button.

    How do I redeem digital coupons?

    After adding coupons from our website or Mobile app into your DG Digital Coupons account:

    • Purchase the qualifying item(s) in store or online.
    • If you’re purchasing in store, be sure to enter the phone number associated with your account on the pin pad at the register for your clipped coupons to apply.
    • If you’re purchasing from DG GO! or DG Pickup, your clipped coupons will automatically apply if qualifying items were purchased. 
    • Applicable coupons will automatically be applied to your purchase and will appear on your E-receipt underneath the qualifying item as “Digital” and at the bottom section of a paper receipt. 

    To review our Coupon Policy, please Click Here and then select “Coupon Policy”.


    What happens if my coupon does not apply when I purchase a product?

    There are a few reasons why this might happen, including:

    • The coupon is not clipped to your account.
    • The item description did not meet the offer requirements.
    • The coupon was expired.

    Per our Coupon Policy, please be sure to avoid using two of the same type of coupons per item; i.e. paper manufacturer coupon stacked with digital manufacturer coupon.  If none of these reasons above apply to you, we want to help you.  Please provide additional information HERE, and we’ll look into this as soon as possible. 


    What is the difference between a Dollar General coupon and a manufacturer coupon?

    A manufacturer coupon is an offer that is specific to a particular national brand, such as Tide, Coca Cola, or Kraft, for example.  A DG store coupon is labeled “Dollar General” in the coupon gallery.


    How do I download the DG Mobile app?

    You can download the Dollar General mobile app from the Google Play Store or from the iOS App Store.


    How can I use the DG Mobile app?

    You can either create an account or sign in with an existing account to access the features available in the DG Mobile app, including DG GO!, DG Pickup, Cart Calculator, and Shopping List. 


    What is DG GO! and how do I use it?

    DG GO! is a service you can use within the DG Mobile app to scan products as you shop and complete payment in the app by scanning a QR code at the stand-alone kiosk or the self-checkout register in the store.  Please remember this service is currently available in select stores.  Click HERE for more information and a link to our store locator to see if your local DG has DG GO! capabilities. 


    What is DG Pickup and how do I use it?

    DG Pickup is a service you can use to create an order and pick up at the store location of your choice.  For more information on DG Pickup, click HERE.


    How do I use the Cart Calculator in the store?

    To use the Cart Calculator function, please ensure your Bluetooth and location settings are turned ON for your mobile device. 

    Cart Calculator functionality includes:

    • Scan products and check prices as you shop
    • Find applicable coupons and/or available discounts
    • Know your total and help you stay on budget