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Nesting Rope Baskets

Level of difficulty:  Beginner

Nesting Rope Baskets

Use this simple, no-sew technique to make different-sized baskets, perfect for organizing! They are great for holding craft supplies, kitchen utensils, or even using as decorative planters.

Nesting Rope Baskets Supplies

What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!

Nesting Rope Baskets Step 1


Step 1:

A)    Cut the end of the rope to make a clean edge. Hot glue the end of the rope to the bottom center of a plastic container. Note: Plastic containers work best, as the glue will pop off easily.

Nesting Rope Baskets Step 2


Step 2:

A)   Begin coiling the rope around the central starting point, hot gluing as you go.

Nesting Rope Baskets Step 3


Step 3:

A)   Completely cover the bottom of the container. Tip: Once it’s covered, pop off the rope so it doesn’t stick to the container.

Nesting Rope Baskets Step 4


Step 4:

A)    Continue wrapping the rope around the side of the container, gluing as you wrap.

B)    Continue wrapping until you reach the top.

Nesting Rope Baskets Step 5


Step 5:

A)    When you reach the top, cut the rope.

B)    Glue the loose end in place.

Nesting Rope Baskets Step 6


Step 6:

A)    Remove the rope basket from the bucket.

B)    Paint a section of the basket. Let dry. Repeat this process to create different-sized baskets!