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Here For What Matters.®

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Here for what matters.®

Serving Others since 1939.



At Dollar General, we believe that everyone deserves access to the things they need. Whether it’s saving our customers time and money, ensuring our employees feel valued, or investing in life-changing community programs, we’re here to bring the goods, the growth, and the opportunities people need to the places where they matter most.



For many, finding affordable ways to best nourish their families is a top priority. And here, we make it happen. Whether what matters most to your household is time saved or money saved, affordable access to name brands or DG’s own private brands, a ‘Better For You’ snack or healthy mealtime recipes, we’re right down the street for everyone.





Being here for what matters means creating new jobs and providing employees with opportunities for growth and development. Here, jobs can flourish into meaningful careers because our teams have opportunities to earn debt-free degrees, take advantage of high-quality training, and join thousands of colleagues internally promoted each year. We show up for each other, support one another, and help each other grow.





Where people live can shape who they are, and we’re proud to serve thousands of diverse communities from coast to coast. And whether that means offering financial support for local schools and libraries, donating to nonprofits that improve community literacy skills, providing disaster relief, fighting food insecurity or nurturing the world around us through sustainability and reforestation efforts, we’re here for it, just like a neighbor should be.





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